Sodium nitrite Chemical Formula: NaNO 2. Synonyms. Nitrous acid sodium salt Description. White or yellowish powder. Uses. Sodium nitrite is used to fix the colors in preserved fish and meats. It is also important (along with sodium chloride) in controlling the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which causes botulism. Lunch meats, hams, sausages ...
Sodium Hydroxide, otherwise known as caustic soda is an essential ingredient in soap making. This sodium hydroxide is packed by us in-house. There is therefore NO mechanised bottling where any traces of hydrated silica powder might be introduced.
Basically the case reports aren't necessarily a random sampling of all sodium nitrite poisoning cases. So we can't infer much from how common symptoms or outcomes are in case reports. I don't want readers mistakenly assuming that the numbers represent how common each symptom or outcome is.
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